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Pre-meal protein and amino acid supplement

Pre-meal drink with specific protein and amino acids.

Reoccurring elevated blood sugar levels increase the risk to develop cardiovascular disease, a serious complication in type 2 diabetes. Whey proteins that are found in dairy products can help type 2 diabetics to control their blood sugar.

In previous studies our research has shown that whey proteins stimulate the body’s own insulin production and thereby facilitate an improved blood glucose regulation. Several epidemiological studies support our results by showing that a high intake of milk and dairy products may lower the risk developing type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and elevated blood lipids. Recent results indicate that specific amino acids can mimic the effect of whey and can, therefore, be used to enhance the effect of whey. In the future, these findings can be exploited in eg. pre-meal drinks that help regulate blood glucose after the following meal.

During 2014, a semi-long term intervention in type 2 diabetic patients is performed.

Project leader: Professor Inger Björck

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