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Structured emulsions for appetite control

In the work of preventing metabolic diseases like diabetes, specific bioactive components or appetite and satiety control can be used. The effects of bioactive components can differ depending on the site of release in the gastrointestinal tract. Components can be encapsulated in drops of an emulsion, which is a liquid system with oil drops in water, or water drops in oil. Starch stabilized Pickering emulsions provide a system which is highly stable and can be implemented in food products ranging from liquids, via spreads to dry products. The starch particles provide an encapsulating barrier, which can be manipulated by the selection of raw material from easily digested to highly resistant starch, and by subsequent treatment affecting swelling and retro gradation of the barrier. Thereby a system can be designed to deliver the encapsulated material to specific sites, by the use of a component that is digestible, or in the case of more resistant starch, even may act as a pre biotic substance. Concurrently it preserves the stability of the emulsion during storage by avoiding drops to unite into larger drops, which will destroy the emulsion.

By designing the system for taste masking, problems of bioactive components with poor taste can be avoided. Appetite regulation by postponing lipolysis is target for the development of functional foods via satiety signalling. By the design of starch Pickering emulsions, the digestion rate of the oil filled capsule can be delayed when reaching the small intestine which can activate the ileal brake mechanism. With starch that has a high resistance against digestion in the small intestine; release in the colon may be achieved. The starch barrier will then act as food for the bacteria in the colon producing healthy substances and encapsulated bioactive components will be released from the drops as the barrier is consumed.

Project leader: Dr M Sjöö

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