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Antidiabetic carbohydrates

Possibilities to prepare functional food components by enzymatic transformation of hemicellulose rich plant materials are screened. Plant materials, such as different fractions from processing of rye, oats and barley, are treated with enzymes to produce oligosaccharides, mainly originating from the hemicellulose fraction. Enzymes, such as endo-acting β-xylanase and several other glycoside hydrolases, are used. Different oligosaccharide based products are prepared and evaluated with respect to their ability to promote growth of probiotic bacteria. Selected products are also evaluated concerning physiological effects in experimental models together with other AFC researchers.

Senior researchers involved in the project: Patrick Adlercreutz, Eva Nordberg Karlsson, Henrik Stålbrand, Carl Grey.

Project leader: Prof Patrick Adlercreutz

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