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Unique activity

AFC describes a unique activity in that it

  1. distinctly focuses on food design for prevention of a major diet related syndrome by reducing sub-clinical inflammation and facilitating weight regulation;
  2. exploits new and emerging research interfaces e.g. the interaction with the gut microbiota, including the gut brain axis;
  3. exploits a wide range of preventive food and meal concepts, including properties acquired during food processing;
  4. exploits multi-functional and possible synergistic concepts;
  5. combines strong and synergistic academic competences across disciplines and faculties;
  6. includes a strategy for innovation based on research, and for implementation in the health care system.

The strengths of AFC is the exploitation of interdisciplinary synergies between a wide range of competences and the utilisation of several selected food characteristics, which provides a large potential with respect to generation of knowledge as well as science based innovations.

AFC brings together groups and industrial partners with acknowledged competence in different and synergistic fields, forming a unique and critical research mass for design of food processes and foods with preventive potential.


Food for Health Science Centre
Lund University
Medicon Village
SE-223 81  Lund, Sweden

Tel +46(46)222 000 (switchboard)

VAT number: SE202100321101