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Acute metabolic challenge

A model for the assessment of cardiometabolic-protective effects of foods

Energy-rich meals induce marked temporary increases in circulating glucose and lipids levels. This triggers a wave of oxidative stress due to the appearance of excess free radicals in adipose and muscle tissues. Thus, relatively prolonged stress is accumulated during the day, a phenomenon that may be linked to the onset of cardiometabolic complications. Hence, postprandial changes in different blood biomarkers are getting increased attention as potential predictors of cardiometabolic risk.

Acute metabolic challenges, where an overload of fat is provided in a single meal, have been used to assess the effect of dietary fats on different plasma biomarkers. The present study evaluates the use of a metabolic challenge-meal background in order to reveal possible beneficial effects of specific food ingredients or meal characteristics on inflammation-associated markers, incretins, and low-grade endotoxemia-related parameters. Postprandial triglyceride levels are also monitored as a cardiovascular risk marker.

The study is performed in healthy volunteers at risk of developing cardiometabolic disease, who are challenged with single breakfast meals containing a high load of fat. The meals are provided both alone (control) and in combination with functional metabolic agents (test product). Foods with elevated polyphenols content, such as fruits and fruit-derived ingredients, are promising tools for the prevention and management of cardiometabolic diseases and are therefore interesting test products.

Besides generating data on the acute metabolic effects of specific functional foods, the project will yield a metabolic challenge model that may provide useful information for tailoring of foods/meals with improved metabolic properties.

Project leader: Prof. Juscelino Tovar



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