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Emerging biomarker assessment in samples from the AFC MFD-2 study

The two intervention studies performed with the AFC multifunctional diet (MFD) have shown the ability of the diet to ameliorate the levels of conventional biomarkers related to cardiometabolic disease. Effects have been documented on circulating lipids and reduced blood pressure, together with improved values of cardiovascular risk estimates.

This project explores the impact of the multifunctional diet on some biomarkers that have emerged recently as potential early predictors of cardiometabolic complications. That is the case of the gut hormone neurotensin which, besides having suppressant action on food intake, exhibits significant association with the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and overall mortality during 10-13 year follow-up. The hormone is measured in plasma as its stable polypeptide precursor, proneurotensin.

The project also contemplates the evaluation of plasma levels of natural antibodies against phosphorylcholine, thought to be involved in the control of the inflammatory effects of oxidized LDL. Low anti-PC levels are considered a risk marker in cardiometabolic disease.

Since consumption of multifunctional diet affects the gut microbiota, the effect of the diet on plasma biomarkers related to the solute influx from the large intestinal lumen (e.g. GLP-2 and LPB) will be assessed. Hypothetical changes in the levels of these markers may help to understand the mechanisms behind the recorded beneficial modulation of classic biomarkers.

Project leader: Prof. Juscelino Tovar




Prof Juscelino Továr
Prof Juscelino Továr


Tovar J, Nilsson A, Johansson M and Björck I, Combining functional features of whole grain barley and legumes for dietary reduction of cardiometabolic risk: a randomized crossover intervention in healthy mature women. British Journal of Nutrition. DOI:10.1017/S000711451300305X

The article in British Journal of Nutrition


Tovar J, Nilsson A, Johansson M, Ekesbo R, Åberg AM, Johansson U, Björck I (2012) A diet based on multiple functional concepts improve cardiometabolic risk parameters in healthy subjects. Nutrition & Metabolism 2012, 9:29.

The article in Nutrition & Metabolism

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